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Subject: Re: Command Line question

Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 20:07:09 +0200

Whaley, Kim wrote:
> I upgraded to 6.2. It helped a little. Previous versions of Flash Renamer would choke at around 35k files and this has over 1.5 million if I load /p from the root of the folder. I am trying to use a preset to rename but it only works if I use the /x switch when running from a batch file. It did die on the 35k list file and 40k list file but I'm not sure if that wasn't something on my network.

In very old versions there was a limit of 32k files, but I fixed this, and while doing so I also remember testing it with more files than this. 100k should be no problems.

But 1.5m files is uncharted territory. Not even sure where to get hold of that many files to test with :-)

> Having the ability to load folders and it pull the subfiles would be useful.
> I will look at the pattern mask settings but I don't know if this will work. They are all tif files and all have the same prefix. It is the prefix I'm trying to change.

What I meant was that you can filter the folders. Say that you have folders like this:


With each folder containing 1000 files. If you load the root folder (+subfolders) you will get all 6000 files. But by setting the pattern mask to folder1* you will limit the loaded files to only half! I hope you understand what I mean.

// Dan

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