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Subject: Re: Bug report

Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 13:38:26 +0100


Do you remember what function(s) you used to rename your files, ie in what way were the filenames modified?

Did you see "finishing" in only the "rename window" or both there and in the status bar of the main window?

If it happens again, please take a screenshot and send to me.

Do you plan on renaming in such a way that you think that this might happen again? If yes, then I can make a special version for you that will contain more debug information that will help pinpoint the problem.

// Dan

Aaron wrote:
> Hey, just wanted to inform you that I ran Flash Renamer twice, both times on 110,000 files in 110 different folders, once renaming 22,000 of the files and once renaming 88,000 of them, and both times Flash Renamer correctly renamed the files (thanks!) and then crashed when the pop-up said "Finishing..."
> -Aaron

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