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Subject: Re: Pdf Image extraction wizard help

Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 20:20:09 +0100


Pdf Wiz does not convert pdf's to jpeg, it extracts images stored inside the documents and saves as separate files. I think you would need a separate program for rendering the whole pdf (text+images+formatting) to an image. (Unless we are only talking about a few pages. In that case you can simply press the PrintScreen button to grab the screen into and image in the clipboard, and then paste the clipboard into for example Paint to save as an image.)

// Dan

*****@***** wrote:
> Hi
> I have purchased, and registered your product, PDF Image Extraction Wizard. I have used ut success fully in the past to convert pdf files to jpg. But am having trouble with it with latest attempt. Only the small images are getting extracted. But what I want is just to convert the entire pdf to jpg as is. Any ideas?
> Thanks
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> . .))
> ((. .. -::-Mara
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