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Subject: Re: Flashrenamer settings

Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 16:51:33 +0100

In case you want to store the settings in its application folder instead, simply create a folder in the Flash Renamer program folder (typically c:\Program Files\Flash Renamer) and name it Settings. You can run the utility ImportSettings.exe to copy your settings from the normal settings folder to this newly created folder! But you must have full write privileges for this to work...

// Dan

wulffra wrote:
> Okay, thanks.
> Well, I guess one way or the other it constantly worked well, because I only
> restored windows image files with
> that contained settings for installed applications.
> Recently I had to install everything from scratch, but FR was installed in a
> folder where it already resided
> for may years, so maybe old and new stuff were conflicting.
> man I hate this dictation fm M$ to store it on C:
> As soon as one needs really install from scrath and format the C settings
> are gone!
> They, M$, solved this issue for their own Office Suite (and maybe other
> apps, but I use Office), as there
> is utility to export all the settings, plug-ins, whatever crap, to a
> settingsfile.
> So one only needs to import that settings file, immy after the install and
> everything is back to normal.
> Maybe some plug-ins need to be re-installed again, but they donot require
> settings.
> I have a large 2 ring file with print screens of many settings of
> applicatons...
> Well anyway..
> brgds/Marcel.
> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Dan (RL Vision) [mailto:*****@*****]
> Verzonden: zaterdag 12 december 2009 21:05
> Aan: wulffra
> Onderwerp: Re: Flashrenamer settings
> Since v 5.1 all settings are stored in the document and settings folder.
> This is the proper way to store settings in Windows. Although I personally
> prefer to save settings in the application folder, this will not work with
> Vista+.
> There are some ini-files still left in the application folder, but there are
> not settings that are written to. There exists in case advanced users would
> like to modify them manually.
> There could be ini-files left for older versions, but FR should
> automatically detect which ones to use.
> I'm not exactly sure of what your problem was. All I can say is that I have
> has a lot of trouble with the settings because of Vista+, but I think that
> the current way is working as intended.
> // Dan
> wulffra wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Come to notice that FR is storing some file in C:\Documents and
>> settings\bla\bla\
>> Actually I had FR installed on F:\ and also after a recent fresh
>> install of my pc I installed it into that folder, overriding existing
>> stuff.
>> This went for years.
>> Now I stumbled accross a small issue: FR did not show up in the
>> context menu of Explorer (DO in my case).
>> Whatever I was doing, it did not help, resetting to default settings,
>> bla bla.
>> Then I noticed that stuff stored on the C: drive, where I had things
>> like .ini on my F-drive and some other files.
>> Assume that these settings were likely conflicting.
>> Anyway, I had to uninstall, reboot, install again.
>> I donot see a way to have FR relocate the program settings to the
>> program folder on F, so in future cases it would then import existing
>> settings once detected in the same folder.
>> What do you think?
>> brgds/Marcel.

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