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Subject: Re: file folder creation

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 19:24:11 +0100


Flash Renamer contains a special tag that can create folder: <\>

It works in all functions that support tags, but for this task the "free format" function is probably easiest to use. You have two options:




The first one will work if your mp3s have correct ID3 tags. The second one requires you to first "setup parts" where you tell Flash Renamer how your filenames are constructed. <%1> would then refer to the part that contains the artist names.

This was probably not the best explanation. I think you will understand it better if you look in the manual where I have written a lot about how tags work.

// Dan

Matt wrote:
> I am creating folders for the music artists for each of several thousand artists I have in my music folder.
> I am having to create a new file folders and hand type or paste the artist to name for each folder name one at a time before placing that artistís music into it.
> This will take several hundred hours!
> Is there a way to take my MP3 files and create new folders for each artist in mass?
> I have seen a few folder creation software titles, but none that specifically state that this can be done from folder full of MP3s.
> I have purchased your Flash Renamerr and I am wondering if this feature is herein or elsewhere and that I may just be doing this task the hard way???
> Matt

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