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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer Question

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 18:50:23 +0100


There are many way to do this. Say that this is your filename:

My Filename (123.45).mp3

If your filename always look like this, you could simply use the "remove" function and remove 3 chars from the end of the filename, pos 1, or something like that.

The more advanced way is to use the "replace" function with a Regular Expression. This is a bit tricky, but you can do wonders with it!

// Dan

Francisco wrote:
> Hello Dan.
> First off, thanks for such a useful program, it's a real time saver
> and I find more a more uses for it all the time. I had one question
> that I was wondering if you could help me with. I'm a DJ and I BPM
> encode all my mp3's. The encoder I use adds the BPM in the metadata
> and it gives the number to the 2nd decimal place, ie. 122.97 BPM. I
> like to add the BPM's to the end of the files which Flash Renamer does
> beautifully, but I'm not a fan of such a fine tune BPM number being at
> the end of the file and I want to round up or down respectfully and
> just have the whole number at the end (just 123 BPM instead of 122.97
> or 120 BPM instead of 120.10 BPM). Is there a way to do this with the
> GUI or will a script have to be written?
> Many thanks.

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