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Subject: Re: Runtime Error '6' Overflow

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 12:48:45 +0100

I'm actually glad that you found this bug, because someone else also found it but I can't re-create it. Can you do some tests for me to see if it happens on only specific files/folders, or all, and on all presets or just some. Does FR show at all? Is FlashRen.exe loaded in the Task Manages process list while the error message is showing?

(I don't think it has with "foreign" characters to do, because when you rename folders via the menu, it should not read any filenames in that folder.)

// Dan

wulffra wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I select quite lot of folders,
> RMB - select 'basic cleanup' and get a 'Runtime Error '6' Overflow'.
> (took 100+ folders)
> All files in all those folders should be renamed the same way, that's why.
> ...
> I just tried out to select 10 folders - basic cleanup - same error.
> Reason for me to select that option is that somewhere in all those files/folders there might be a few that
> has those 'unrecognized characters' , remember we discussed that?
> FR cannot handle that as it would need an Visual Basic update or something.
> I *thought!*
> that maybe, maybe ... it would be possible to have FR find those files and replace all 'unrecognized' characters
> by a userdefined character, say '#'
> So FR would alarm the user that some unrecognized characters are found and FR cannot handle those
> and offer the user to:
> cancel the action
> or
> replace characters found by '#'
> IF... this is possible
> In my case I would not mind, because I would then after all rename the files after the parent folder+filename+counter
> right now I have to figure out, one by one, where these characters are stored.
> Suggestion ??
> brgds/Marcel.
> Van: Dan (RL Vision) [mailto:*****@*****]
> Verzonden: zondag 10 januari 2010 20:33
> Aan: wulffra
> Onderwerp: Re: Restoring Order
> Yes, I know this can be time consuming. I'll have a look at it again and see if there are some more optimizations I can make.
> (There is an option that allows you to disable "restore order" in the settings.)
> // Dan
> wulffra wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> I think FR has a bit of a problem when restoring order after renaming a LOT of files.
>> Actually after renaming some 3-4000 files it kind a hangs and doesnot respond anymore.
>> The renaming window (autoclose is tag) does not close, so there is only one way to solve this, close the application the hard way.
>> I just did a rename for another LOT of files, this time some 30.000 files, all went fine upto the point of restoring order.
>> Now, it started before I had my dinner, 1,5 hour later it is still 0%
>> I'll kill FR.
>> Just wanted to let you know.
>> brgds/Marcel.

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