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Subject: Re: Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 21:48:45 +0100

Florian wrote:
> I have re-uploaded the source code with the updated build scripts.
> The WDK is quite a bunch to download and install. However, it's much
> more complicated to build Notepad2 with Visual C++ 2005 or 2008, and
> VC messes up the manifest resources, which can break visual themes and
> Vista / Windows 7 file and registry virtualization-awareness. The
> smaller file size is a good side effect, but the most important
> advantage when using WDK is that no new runtime libraries are
> required.

I tried to get WDK working on my project, but it did not want to work on the old version of np2 (something with SciWrap that had been removed). So I decided to upgrade to the latest version of notepad2. It was actually easier to get the new version to compile than the old one - good work! (But re-adding all the bookmark edition feature was a pain, mainly because the resource editor in VS2008 is an incredibly strange, buggy and un-userfrieldy piece of crap.) Anyhow, I managed to get everything together, and the new WDK script worked great (although I had to modify the "x86" paths which did not match how it had installed itself on my computer.)

So, WDK finally produced a working version of Notepad2.exe, but I discovered that the manifest file had not been embedded into the new exe. Any ideas on why?

// Dan

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