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Subject: Re: Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 20:21:03 +0100

Florian wrote:
>> WDK script worked great (although I had to modify the "x86" paths which did
>> not match how it had installed itself on my computer.)
> Oh, that's too bad. Probably I will need to check the directory layout
> again, I have just copied a "minimal portion" of the WDK to my old
> laptop, it's about 18 MB 7-zipped, and even finds enough room on my
> webserver as a "portable" development environment.

I like that. Portable apps are great. I have a large number of utilities myself in a folder that I can take with me if I need to for example fix a computer. Of course Notepad2 is part of this collection :-)

My goal is to only have portable applications. My mail client, Thunderbird, is a portable version, so when I change computer I only need to copy the folder and I'm ready!

>> So, WDK finally produced a working version of Notepad2.exe, but I discovered
>> that the manifest file had not been embedded into the new exe. Any ideas on
>> why?
> No idea, I haven't had this problem using WDK. I know that the Visual
> C++ Express editions replace manifests with their own versions, but so
> far haven't had any problems with the WDK. In the worst case, you
> could hack-in the manifest resources using Resource Hacker.
> --Florian

I tried to force the linker to use a specified manifest file, but it still did not add it even though it did not complain about it in any way. Very strange. I decided to finally just add the resource manually like you suggestion. Found a neat program called XN Resource Editor that I used. Seems to have worked great!

So I finally got it together. Here is the final page with download links and everything, if you wanted to link to it:


I feel very satisfied now. Gonna watch some Mythbusters to celebrate :-)

best regards,


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