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Subject: Re: Jpeg tags integration

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 18:37:47 +0100

Sure it can! Simply use the tags and . Tags can be used in many functions. If you click on the button with a right pointing arrow next to input fields, you can see a list of tags including all Exif tags! (To learn more about tags look in the manual.)

// Dan

Alistair wrote:
> Dear RLV
> Been using your Flash Renamer for a while (6 years) and wonder if it can be used to rename pictures from the exif tags attached to them.
> I have a large photo collection from several cameras and phones which are downloaded at different times, it would be great if I could rename them with the date the picture was taken on. I'm sure that this could be done with the use of your scripts but being the lazy git that I am I'd just use Rename Master.
> So a script to add the date modified and or created to the file name would be welcome
> Regards
> Alistair
> Tel 09 434 8236
> Mob 021 100 9374
> \|||/
> (o o)
> ----ooO-(_)-Ooo----

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