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Subject: Re: Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 19:18:22 +0100

Florian wrote:

> I will test your new Title Case code, and this could probably go into
> my official build. If you search for the accents you are checking,
> there seems to be some repetition, so it's actually only '` and the
> snigle curly apostrophe.

Oh, crap. These were actually suppose to be unique all of them. Must have gotten lost in the text encoding or something. I copied them from some source, but I can't remember where. I will check it.

I think I have spotted some more situation where the function will not work, so I will see if I can improve it more.

Title Case is not as easy as it sounds. With the above Notepad2 takes care of the basics. But if you want to be serious with the function one should have special cases for some English words, such as "a" and "the" that are to be spelled in lower case for proper title case. In Flash Renamer I have such as list. But there are words that should be spelled like this sometimes and other times not. It's pretty complicated once you read up about it. The list I have in FR is a actually compromise. Then there's abbreviations (DJ/USA/CD) and other words that you want to spell in a certain casing. In FR I have a list of "exceptions" that the user can edit for this case. I don't expect you to implement any of these, just wanted to let you know of my findings.

> What name would you like to put into the changelog, should I decide to
> incorporate your Title Case modification? A line like
> - improved title case function (patch by ...)

Something like this would be nice:

- improved title case function (patch by Dan from www.rlvision.com )

Good luck with your house!

// Dan

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