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Subject: Re: Renamer

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:01:52 +0100


Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your support!

Yes, my programs all include free updates. I'll enjoy the coffee :-)

It's funny that you mention adding batch support in PDF Wiz, since I have such a version finished and ready to release any day now! Just download the new version and install over the old one!


// Dan

J Frank wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a note of thanks....I've been a user of Flash Renamer for years now and can not live without it. I went out on the net looking for a product to extract images from a pdf file and found your site. The name struck me as familiar and then I realized you were the same folks that wrote Renamer. Decision made. And then, there was a much newer and better version of Renamer available. I bought both. Maybe the old license transferred as I did not not have to enter the new code for it to work....so maybe I did not really have to pay for the new version.....bothers me not....have a couple Starbucks on me if that's the case. I write a lot of code myself so I have a real appreciation for something done well,,,,and these are done very well...
> J Frank
> P.S. it would be nice if the PDF thing would work on multiple files in one step....just a suggestion.

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