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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 12:33:54 +0100


Joe wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a satisfied (and registered) user of your excellent
> Flash Renamer software. There are two improvements that
> I'd like to see added, though:
> 1. An option to rename files from a text list

Newer version include an "editor" which might be what you are looking for. I have also added a simple script called "list rename" that you can check out!

> 2. An option to automatically increment the date and/or
> time ( I deal a lot with lists of files with names
> that don't fall into any natural order, but which
> have to be kept with that filename. If I could increment
> the time, it would give me a way to keep them in order
> without having to change the filenames)

I see. This is a planned feature. I hope I have the time to implement it soon!
> I'm currently using version 4.71
> Joseph A.
> *****@*****

// Dan

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