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Subject: Re: Problem Extracting Whole Images

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 11:35:45 +0200


The PDF format is quite flexible, and it allows pdf-writers to save the files in many ways. For unknown reasons, some pdf-writers save images in slices. Since my program extracts the raw image data, the images will come out sliced too. At this moment I can not do anything about this. I am not aware of any other program that can solve this either.

If you feel that you can not use the program then of course I will give you a refund.

I can also tell you about another program suite I know of that might be able to help you stitch the image back together. This is however quite a lot of work. But if you really need the images, then it might be the only option.

Let me know.

// Dan

Jeff wrote:
> I just ordered your full version. The PDF images extracted from my document are extracted in small slices of the images. I tried extracting All, Small only, and Large only. Same results. Only a very few of the images were extracted in one piece. If this can't be remedied, I'd like a refund of my $24.95.
> Best Regards,
> --
> Jeff
> (941) 567-8055

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