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Subject: Re: FR in XP Mode ?

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 20:19:18 +0200


Sorry for taking so long to answer. I've been going through your letters, but I'm kind of confused, so lets take it from the start:

1) You have W7 64bit, right? Then the "Show Flash Renamer menu" will not work in Windows Explorer 64bit. Nothing I can do about it at this moment.

2) The menu should will be installed however, and if you run 32bit Explorer it should work. I don't know if the 32bit version is still included in 64bit W7, but in Vista I remember it was shipped together with 64bit versions.

Here is a link that might be helpful to you:


3) The "Show start Flash Renamer" option does not rely on any advanced shell extension, so this should work, but I have not tested it myself.

It should be registered in the registry here: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Flash Renamer

Please verify that this is correct and the path under "command" as well. (If not, please search for "start flash" and see where it has gone. It could be that the registry is different on 64bit?)


4) I can't see how running non-aero could affect the above.

5) FileMon: Look for any access to "shell.dat" and notice the folder it is stored in. Is this the same folder as the one you get by opening the setting folder from inside Flash Renamer (settings->problem solver->open settings location)?

Have I forgotten anything?

// Dan

PS: Note that you need to run Flash Renamer as Admin in order to make changes to the menu.

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