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Subject: Re: FR New Features

Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 20:28:42 +0200

Good evening Marcel,

During the weekend I have worked on a couple of new features that I think you will like:


1. Now you can simply drop files/folders onto the FR icon to start it, and it will load these files! This also means that you can add FR to the "send to" menu, which is kind of a "shell extension rmb" thing.

However: Because Windows (not FR) has a limit on the length of command lines, you can only drop a limited number of files. How many depends on the length of each filename and its path. The limit is around 2000 characters. 10-20 files should be ok I think. If you go past the limit, explorer will give a cryptic error message...


2. There are 3 ways to add files to "free select": (1) Use the RMB menu in the "browser" (2) Drag & Drop from Explorer/Dopus (3) Use the buttons above free select. In all of these cases I have made it so that if you try and add a folder you will be asked how to handle this. I think this is exactly what you need!

Also, there is a new button above free select, for browsing folders.


I have attached a version that you are welcome to try. Looking forward to hearing your response!

// Dan


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