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Subject: Re: Exif Tag Remover registered user has complaint.

Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 17:59:05 +0200


When you drag and drop files, the files arrive in the order that Explorer sends them in. The order does not correspond to the order you see in Explorer. Usually the files are sent in the order shown in Explorer, except for the first file! The first file will instead be the file that you "took" with the mouse and began dragging the list with.

Here is a tip on how to avoid this problem: After you have selected files in Windows Explorer, always right click on the first (=at top) file! This will make sure that the files are processed in the correct order. This is a good habit to learn, since it applies to all programs.

// Dan

Stephan wrote:
> I just purchased a license for Exif Tag Remover 3 and noticed something that is hampering my workflow. The sortation of the files seem random when drag-dropping from a folder. Direct adding via directory on the other hand shows a file sorted list. Can you please fix this so the sortation of the files are in file name order for drag-drop method of populating the work list?
> Thanks,
> -stephan

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