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Subject: Re: Exif Tag Remover registered user has complaint.

Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 17:40:14 +0200

Hi again

See my answers below.

Stephan wrote:
> Thanks for that,
> Fine to know, but I think file name sort is a minimum UI function and expected it.
Well, it is very easy for me to add, but I have not done it since 1) the file order does not matter for the functions of the program, and 2) if you drop files from two locations they will be mixed if you sort the list, which might confuse users. But I see your points, and will look into it.
> Curious though, does it matter if the first file selected is by left or right click? When attempting a [ctrl]+[a] in a directory in an Explorer session I can't see how you feel it is reasonable to expect a user to have known to right-click>[Esc]>{ctrl]+[a] versus left-click>[ctrl]+[a] a far more natural selection behavior.

I wrote "right" by mistake. I meant left. Sorry.

> Software shortcoming aside, I'd like to get a text copy of the command line's manual. The lack of a text file with this was disappointing considering the amount of instruction available via [/?].
There is no commandline (yet, I might add it in the future). The program is intended to be very simple to use, and command line is mainly for advanced users. (The instructions you saw are for the underlying library I am using.)
> Obliged,
> -stephan

// Dan

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