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Subject: Re: beep.exe

Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 09:03:14 +0200


I don't think it is possible to start services in a particular order using Windows only. What I use is a program called Startup Faster that lets you schedule startup items and set a delay between them. There I have also added beep.exe as the final item. It is not a free application, but I remember seeing other free applications that do the same thing. I hope this helps you!

// Dan

Frank wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I have just discovered your excellent little program 'beep.exe' and would ask your indulgence to comment on the following please :
> You state in your blurb " For example, I use it myself to signal when my PC has booted and launched all startup applications and is ready to use." This is exactly what I want to use it for but I am not sure how to get it to operate AFTER all the services etc have loaded and the computer is ready to use. It seems to me that it must be the last item to be loaded at boot up, but how do I make sure it is the last item. I cannot see why my services, programs etc load in the order they do, so I am at a loss to see how to make any program load LAST. Perhaps what I am looking for is a delayed start?
> Can you make any suggestions please, obvious or otherwise? Thanks.
> Frank .

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