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Subject: Re: beep.exe

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:33:47 +0200

That program is written in C#. It requires the whole .Net Framework to be loaded, just to play a sound with the PC speaker. I bet you my program loads 100 times faster, at least the first time it is loaded.

It does however have nice features, but as I said I plan to do something like that too. And just because there is another program it does mean mean I can't do my own version.

Why are you using GMail? Don't you know about Hotmail who started it all? Why did Google go and make their own web mail when there was already perfectly working services out there?


// Dan

Brendan wrote:
> Well yea not a bad idea but it has been done:
> http://my.opera.com/zomg/blog/2007/04/13/having-fun-with-the-pc-speaker
> The first app lets you specify the frequency and time of the beep in a command line which could only really be made better by entry of notes rather that frequencies.
> I agree with that about being a programmer I do a bit of programming in my spare time and half the stuff I make is just because I can.

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