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Subject: Re: PDF Extraction Wizard and Windows 7 Security

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 21:40:42 +0100


I am not particular experienced with Vista/7 security, but here are some tips on where I would start looking:

* Select all extracted files and right click on them, and then edit the security setting in the properties dialog. You should be able to change all necessary properties there.

* Start PDF Wiz by right clicking on the icon and selecting "run as admin". This might affect the way it saves its files.

(* And make sure that IIS can read other files in the folder, to make sure that the problem is not there...)

I hope this works for you!

// Dan

Dan wrote:
> I recently purchased PDF Extraction Wizard. I am extracting 200+ images from a a pdf, upload them to a website and using a web application merge them into my content. I am trying to do the same thing using the local IIS on my Windows 7 machine for a offline sample site. to do this I need to copy the files to a different folder and name, But the wizard creates all the files with security properties from somewhere I can't determine. This doesn't allow the local IIS web server to read them. The permissions are not copied from the source file, or the destination folder. I haven't found any way to get around this. Do you have any ideas?
> I like the product, it is doing exactly what I need except for this issue.

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