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Subject: Re: FR-Updates

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 12:59:47 +0100

Move *into* folder.

The tag <\> simply creates a folder based on the text before the tag.

You already know that can extract data from inside files. For example artist name, mp3 bitrate, exif date, file size, etc. So if you write this:


Flash Renamer will create a folder based on the exif date (for example "2010-12-18") and the move the file into here. It will give the file a new name based on the right side of <\>, in this case the same name as before ()

It is possible to use several <\>, for example:

<\><\> <br> <br>... will sort your mp3s! <br> <br>But you can only move files "further up" the folder structure, not "backwards" <br> <br>You can use is in all functions accepting <tags>. Easiest is the "free format" function in my opinion. <br> <br>// Dan <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>Marcel wrote: <br>> <br>> Dan, hello, <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Cud you give me a bit more informtion on this move folders thing? <br>> <br>> How todo this ? <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Thanks n rgds/Marcel. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Van: Dan (RL Vision) [mailto:*****@*****] <br>> Verzonden: maandag 13 september 2010 19:07 <br>> Aan: Marcel <br>> Onderwerp: Re: FR-Updates <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> //snip// <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> FR can already move your photos into folders based on exif properties. Something like this: <exifdate><\><fullname> <br>> <br>> // Dan <br>> <br>> <br>> Marcel wrote: <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Hi Dan, <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> FlashRenamer is very nice of software. It definitely is. <br>> <br>> But in view of the competition is this category of software, I guess you have kept the price low. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Whilst I genuinely think it is one of the best flexible products – the price as such and considering <br>> <br>> that the product is hardly promoted (in magazines and so on), I cannot really believe that you <br>> <br>> making a living of this, i.e. surely you ae having a normal steady job and FR is something you <br>> <br>> further develop once you have more time. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Quite understandably if this is indeed the case. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> But if you want to put extra's in, new stuff I mean, this may take too much time/money and <br>> <br>> cannot be considered. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Example: <br>> <br>> I run Directory Opus in combo with FR. <br>> <br>> Directory Opus is pricy, but the features and power are incredible. <br>> <br>> On top GPSoft has a very active support forum with a couple experts there who seem to have all <br>> <br>> the answers and solutions and hardly sleep. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> For some renaming I use DO but most renaming I send the files to FR. <br>> <br>> One of the renames I mentioned below. <br>> <br>> Another one is that DO creates a subfolder after the date of shooting. <br>> <br>> e.g. photos are shot 13-09-2010 <br>> <br>> I select all photo's <br>> <br>> Click Rename <br>> <br>> select folder after exif date <br>> <br>> then a folder is created 13-09-2010 <br>> <br>> and files are moved to that folder. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> anyway, forget that…, <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Directory Opus also has an option to convert images. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> FR have a MP3 button. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Suggestion: <br>> <br>> what about adding an IMAGE button <br>> <br>> that can do things that Directory Opus is also doing, like <br>> <br>> resize, rotate, maybe some other things. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Here you have a screendump. <br>> <br>> It can custom <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> The resize pull down menu includes <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Anyway, as said, may this is too much work… <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> It is just an idea. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> good luck! <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> brgds/Marcel. <br>> <br>> ps. Sorry for the long story J <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Van: Marcel [mailto:*****@*****] <br>> Verzonden: zondag 5 september 2010 19:43 <br>> Aan: 'Dan (RL Vision)' <br>> Onderwerp: RE: FR-Updates <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Hi Dan, <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Looking forward to it! <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> My wishlist still is that it will be 64bit … J <br>> <br>> So it will properly integrate in the context menu of Directory Opus. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> So, I cud: <br>> <br>> - select a bunch of files, then.. <br>> <br>> - RMB click select FR and and sthen elect sub menu Preset nbr # <br>> <br>> - such preset wud then execute a <a style='color:darkblue' href='http://www.rlvision.com/flashren/about.asp'>Flash Renamer</a> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> (just as an example) clear all 'dots' in a name, except between to numbers, and first character to be capitalized <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Like: <br>> <br>> THIS.FILE.CONTAINS.DOTS.IN.ITS.NAME.V.1.2 <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> to become: <br>> <br>> This file contains dots in its name v1.2 <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> or <br>> <br>> THIS_FILE_CONTAINS_UNDERSCORES_BLA_BLA_V.1.2 <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> to become <br>> <br>> This file contains underscores bla bla v1.2 <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Such rename-sets to be created/compiled either as by you, <br>> <br>> or users shd be able to create such a preset in a userfriendly way. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Example: If complex renames require two jobs (or maybe even 3?) <br>> <br>> the code for the first job to be saved <br>> <br>> the code for the 2nd job to be saved <br>> <br>> both in a template <br>> <br>> then a compile job shd make it one and save to a preset. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> By the way, this is what I has been thinking of…. <br>> <br>> I have nót checked if it can be done already…!! <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> If FR already can do it…, forget my idea… J <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Anyway, keep up the good work! <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> brgds/Marcel. <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Van: Dan (RL Vision) [mailto:*****@*****] <br>> Verzonden: zondag 5 september 2010 16:40 <br>> Aan: Marcel <br>> Onderwerp: Re: FR-Updates <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Hi Marcel, <br>> <br>> I have decided to spend this autumn updating all my programs to make them "perfect". <a style='color:darkblue' href='http://www.rlvision.com/flashren/about.asp'>Flash Renamer</a> is my biggest project, so it will have to wait until last. But there is an update coming, and it will probably be a big one! I know you like to test beta versions, so I promise I will let you know when I start working on it! <br>> <br>> // Dan <br>> <br>> <br>> Marcel wrote: <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Hi Dan, <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Hope you are fine! <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> Just curious .. <br>> <br>> Do you plan any FR updates within short? <br>> <br>> <br>> <br>> brgds/Marcel. <br>> <br>><br> </div> <p><br> ◄ <a href="index.php">Back to Knowledge Base</a> </p> </div> </div> <!-- End Page Text ---------------------------------------------------------> </FONT> </TD> <TD><IMG SRC="../../images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0></TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#747474"><IMG SRC="../../images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=300 BORDER=0><BR></TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#cbcbcb" VALIGN="top"> <!--<TABLE WIDTH=119 BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4 CELLSPACING=0>--> <!--<TABLE WIDTH=126 BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4 CELLSPACING=0>--> <TABLE WIDTH=136 BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4 CELLSPACING=0> <TR> <TD>  · <A HREF="../../index.php" class="menulink_big">Software</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../downloads.php" class="menulink_big">Download</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../register.php" class="menulink_big">Order</A><BR> <BR><IMG SRC="../../images/graypx.gif" WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0><BR><BR> <!-- <a class=menubold href="../../profile.php">RL Vision</a><BR>-->  <span class=menubold>RL Vision</span><BR>  · <A HREF="../../profile.php" class="menulink">About</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../contact.php" class="menulink">Contact</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../news.php" class="menulink">News</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../blog/" class="menulink">Blog</A><BR> <BR><IMG SRC="../../images/graypx.gif" WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0><BR><BR>  <span class=menubold>Shareware</span><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../flashren/about.php">Flash Renamer</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../pdfwiz/about.php">PDF Img Extract</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../exif/about.php">Exif Tag Remover</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../dupli/about.php">Dupli Find</a><BR> <BR><IMG SRC="../../images/graypx.gif" WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0><BR><BR>  <span class=menubold>Freeware</span><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../genius/about.php">Replace Genius</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../officewiz/about.php">Office Img Extract</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../notepad2/about.php">Notepad2 BE</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../photosift/about.php">PhotoSift</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../cctime/about.php">CCTime</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../spots/about.php">Hot Spot Studio</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../snap2html/about.php">Snap2HTML</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../snap2img/about.php">Snap2IMG</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../bubblemath/about.php">Bubble Math</a><BR>  · <a class=menulink href="../../dinnerwiz/about.php">DinnerWiz</a><BR>  · <A HREF="../../misc/nsf_tool.php" class="menulink">NSF Tool</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../misc/beep.php" class="menulink">Beep.Exe</A><BR> <BR><IMG SRC="../../images/graypx.gif" WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0><BR><BR>  <span class=menubold>Misc.</span><BR> <!-- · <A HREF="../../misc/source_code.php" class="menulink">Get Source Code</A><BR>-->  · <A HREF="../../misc/changelogs.php" class="menulink">Changelogs</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../misc/titleq.php" class="menulink">TitleQ</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../artgem_about.php" class="menulink">ArtGem</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../tutorials/index.php" class="menulink">Graphics Tutorials</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../misc/windows_7_font_bug.php" class="menulink">Win7 Font Bug</A><BR>  · <A HREF="../../misc/kb/index.php" class="menulink">KB</A><BR> <br><br> <center> <font class="mini">Like my Freeware?</font> <A HREF="https://www.paypal.com/donate?business=U3E4HE8HMY9Q4&item_name=RL+Vision+Software¤cy_code=USD" class="menulink" target="_blank"> <img src="../../images/paypal_donate.gif"> </A> </center> <br> <center> <font class="mini">I'm on GitHub too!</font> <A HREF="https://github.com/rlv-dan" class="menulink" target="_blank"> <img src="../../images/github_button.png"> </A> </center> <BR> </FONT> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD COLSPAN=3><IMG SRC="../../images/main_bottom.gif" WIDTH=586 HEIGHT=25 BORDER=0><BR></TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#747474"><IMG SRC="../../images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0></TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#cbcbcb"><IMG SRC="../../images/menu_bottom.gif" WIDTH=136 HEIGHT=25 BORDER=0><BR></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD VALIGN="middle"> <span style="float: left; width: 50%; color: white; font-size: 10px; text-align: left; margin-left: 6px;">© 1998-2024 RL Vision</span> <span style="float: right; font-size: 10px; text-align: right; margin-right: 6px;"><a href="../../privacy.php" style="color: white; text-decoration: none;">Privacy Policy</a></span> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>