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  Aug 27, 2023 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 6.01!
    This is a small but important update that fixes some things introduced in the last version.

  Jan 08, 2023 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 6.0!
    Version 6.0 adds support for removing GeoTIFF tags and now comes with a built in metadata viewer!

    This is a small compatability update.

  Nov 19, 2020 - FLASH RENAMER 6.81!
    Flash Renamer is still alive! This update fixes a few bugs I discovered lately.

  Aug 09, 2020 - SNAP2HTML 2.14!
    Snap2HTML now works with UNC paths (again). Also made some optimizations to make searches faster.

  May 05, 2020 - SNAP2HTML 2.13!
    This is just another small fix. Some filename characters could cause an encoding exception when saving generated file listings.

  Apr 29, 2020 - SNAP2HTML 2.12!
    This release reduces the memory consumtion when generating HTML quite a bit. Also fixes some command line bugs in last version.

  Apr 18, 2020 - SNAP2HTML 2.11!
    Snap2HTML 2.1 could hang on some computers. I discovered some issues due to multithreading that should be fixed now.

  Mar 16, 2020 - SNAP2HTML 2.1!
    I have updated Snap2HTML with some minor enhancements. Some of the work has been "under the hood" in preparation for future versions!

  Sep, 05 2019 - CC Time 1.01!
    I added pause functionality to CC Time!

  Jun, 03 2019 - CC Time 1.0!
    CC Time is a utility I made for myself to keep track of my work hours. It turned out pretty well so I decided to release it, hoping more people find it useful!

  Jun, 02 2019 - Privacy Policy

  Nov 5, 2017 - PdfWiz 6.32!
    This rather small update fixes a problem when running multiple instances of the program at the same time.

  Apr 22, 2017 - SNAP2HTML 2.0!
    Snap2HTML has been given a long awaited overhaul. I have tweaked the template html in lots of ways, making it really nice to use in my opinion. Search has been improved and a new export functionality has also been added! Last but not least, I've open sourced the program!

  Jun 09, 2016 - PDF IMAGE EXTRACTION WIZARD 6.31!
    Just a tiny bug fix today. Thanks to the user who reported the bug!

    By user request I added and option to select how to handle existing files in batch mode, for better unattended usage!

  Mar 20, 2016 - FLASH RENAMER 6.8
    This long awaited update includes a brand new 64-bit compatible shell extension menu in addition to many small fixes.

  Feb 14, 2016 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.31
    The Replace Genius 4.31 update contains bug fixes of various severity.

  Jun 29, 2015 - PDF IMAGE EXTRACTION WIZARD 6.22!
    This release fixes serveral issues with the image merging functionality. Thank you Ate for reporting this problem!

  Apr 27, 2015 - PDF IMAGE EXTRACTION WIZARD 6.21!
    6.21 fixes some bugs pertaining to inverted colors as well as a few tiny interface tweaks.

    As of today, Office Image Extraction Wizard is free, open source software! You can download the freeware version from here, and get the source code at GitHub.

  Mar 10, 2015 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 5.1
    Exif Tag Remover 5.1 is out! The main new feature is improved error handling, including letting the user decide how to manage potential errors.

  Sep 29, 2014 - BUBBLE MATH
    Last year I took a course on python programming, and as an assignment I developed this game that I called Bubble Math. It combines math puzzles and pool game mechanics. It was well recieved by the teacher, who recommended that I release it. So here it is. I release this game as open source, so anyone interested can delve into the code for learning and hacking :-)

    Yet another update to PDF Wiz! This update adds an option to invert the colors of extracted images. This can be useful when extracting images where the PDF creator has done "weird" things to the images (usually in order to optimize compression). Another new feature allows you to choose to apply image transfomrations (rotation, flipping, color invert) to only lossless or JPEG compressed images, or both.

    Today I updated two of my applications. PhotoSift has a black menu scheme, but I discovered that in Windows 8.1 one of the colors did not work correctly, which has been fixed now! PDF Wiz has been updated with the latest version of the PDF libraries it uses for improved compatability with new PDF features!

  Jun 14, 2014 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 5.01
    Only a small update, slightly improving high dpi screens and file support in the exif engine.

  Jun 12, 2014 - SNAP2HTML 1.92
    Since the last release of Snap2HTML I have discovered, often with the aid of helpful users, various smaller problems that this release aims to fix. Nothing major, but a nice little update.

  Jun 03, 2014 - FLASH RENAMER 6.73
    This is a maintenance update, fixing a few bug and most importantly improving the support for high resolution dpi settings.

  May 28, 2014 - PORTABLE UPDATES
    Testing the portable versions of my software on a clean Win 8.1 systme I discovered that some did not always launch correctly. Today I updated many of them to correct this problem!

  Mar 29, 2014 - PHOTO SIFT 1.1
    The first version of PhotoSift was positively recieved. It did however lack some basic functionality such as undo and zooming. So I have been working on adding this and other neat things. This new version is much more mature and I hope it will be an even more useful utility now!

  Jan 22, 2014 - PHOTO SIFT 1.0
    Today I am proud to announce the first public version of a new utility called PhotoSift! I developed this utility together with a photographer who needed a way to organize his large unsorted image libraries. The result is a unique take on the problem that uses the keyboard for speed and flexibility. It also marks my first open source project! (But not my last...)

  Jan 16, 2014 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 5.0
    This major update to Exif Tag Removes brings a massive speed improvement as well as the ability to process virtually unlimited files in a single go!

  Jul 24, 2013 - SNAP2HTML 1.9!
    This update of Snap2HTML includes a few new features, but most importantly the performance has been given a major boost. Now even huge files will load in an instant! Also, the size of the resulting html files has been reduced by about a third for large files!

  Jul 11, 2013 - SNAP2IMG 2.01
    Just a minor update fixing some bugs when using large borders

  Jul 09, 2013 - SNAP2IMG 2.0!
    I updated Snap2IMG to v2.0. This version includes many improvements, including multithreaded performance, splitting large folders into several contect sheets, adaptive row height and several styling options and effects.

  Jun 05, 2013 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.3
    Replace Genius can now paste the clipboard content directly as a new document. Plus, it's now Freeware!

  Mar 25, 2013 - SNAP2IMG 1.0!
    Snap2IMG is a new program I've been working on for the last year or so, with the purpose of allowing you to easily build stylish contact sheets from image folders on your hard drive. Today I finally realse version 1.0. It's freeware, so grab a copy and tell me what you think!

  Dec 22, 2012 - FLASH RENAMER 6.72!
    Just in time to the holiday season, here is a new version of Flash Renamer with an often asked for feature that allows you to customize one of the file list columns to make it show any information about the files that you want. Happy holidays eveyone!

  Nov 19, 2012 - PDFWIZ 6.01 + OFFICEWIZ UPDATES 4.11
    Today I fixed a small bug affecting both PDFWiz and OfficeWiz.

    Office Wiz now supports 5 new file formats: SWF, CHM, XPS, OXPS and DWFX!

    This version contains a brand new render engine allowing for better quality and many new options when using the render function!

  Jul 11, 2012 - SNAP2HTML 1.51
    I improved the error handling in Snap2HTML to deal with very long paths.

  Jun 18, 2012 - SNAP2HTML 1.5
    Snap2HTML can now link the files in the listings to a target of your choice! This release also adds full command line support so you can automate the program!

  Jun 13, 2012 - FLASH RENAMER 6.71
    Fixed a tiny problem with the latest version. (The mouse pointer did not return to normal after dropping files onto the program.)

  Jun 10, 2012 - FLASH RENAMER 6.7
    While this update does not contain many new features, it is still important since it contains many small fixes for problems discovered in the last 6 months by me and various helpful users!

    The e-book format FictionBook has been added to the list of supported file formats in Office Wiz!

  Jun 07, 2012 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.2
    Replace Genius now contains a new menu item with many options to manually insert or remove lines, as well as removing all empty lines!

  Jun 06, 2012 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 4.3 + PDF WIZ 6.01
    Now you can also generate random file dates to further obfuscate the image files using Exif Tag Remover! PDF Wiz was also updated with a tiny bugfix today.

  Jun 05, 2012 - DUPLI FIND 6.16
    This small update fixes two problems that prevented saving files when using some options.

    I have updated all portable versions with a new "launcher". The previous caused some anti-virus software to triggered it as malicious (a false positive of course). This should be fixed now as I have completely re-written it. In addition to this, the portable versions will now work with command line options too!

  Mar 12, 2012 - RLV BLOG STARTED!
    I have started a blog where I plan to post various technology related topics. It's not directly related to RL Vision, but hopefully interesting both my visitors and other readers.

    I found a couple of minor things in the latest version and I decided to quickly fix them.

  Jan 7, 2012 - PORTABLE VERSIONS!
    Update week is coming to an end, and I have saved the best for last! I am now offering all my programs as zipped portable downloads in addition to the normal installers! Portable version do not need to be installed, and save their settings in their own folder. This means that you can move them to a new place or even another computer by just copying the folder! If you are unsure of what this means, I recommend that you keep with the ordinary installer versions.

    Yet another major update this week! Office Wiz 3.0 adds support for about 30 new file formats and variations, including the much asked for Office 97-2003 document format!

  Jan 5, 2012 - FLASH RENAMER 6.58
    It wouldn't be a good update week without a new version of my personal favourite, Flash Renamer. This versions adds the option to use the Add and Remove functions together as a single function!

    Day 4 of update week brings perhaps the most unexpected update: PDF Wiz has been updated with a brand new processing mode, allowing you to render whole pdf pages and save as images, complete with text, bitmaps and vector images. (Only for pro version). I also managed to sneak in a little update to Dupli Find in addition to the version released just a few days ago!

  Jan 3, 2012 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 4.2!
    Version 4.2 of Exif Tag Remover is now much faster when adding lots of files!

  Jan 2, 2012 - DUPLI FIND 6.12
    Update week continues with another small update! Dupli Find 6.12 is ready to grab on the download page.

  Jan 1, 2012 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.11
    Happy new year! What better way to start the year than with whole week updates! Let's begin with a small update to Replace Genius. See you tomorrow!

  Dec 8, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.57
    Added "reset on base name change" to counters!

  Nov 15, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.56
    The previous version had a problem that could cause it to freeze when starting a rename that has been fixed now.

  Nov 13, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.55
    Fixed 10 or so rare bugs, plus some smaller tweaks.

    This version contains an improved PDF engine with better compatability for certain rare images formats!

  Aug 18, 2011 - SNAP2HTML1.2!
    Snap2HTML 1.2 fixes some sorting problems and has better error handling when permissions do not allow reading.

  Aug 15, 2011 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.1!
    Replace Genius 4.1 is mostly a bug fix, but also adds the ability to insert or remove lines from text files.

  Aug 11, 2011 - SNAP2HTML 1.1!
    In addition to some bugfixes, the snapshots generated by version 1.1 now also have a tooltip when you hover over folders, displaying the size and file/subfolder count.

  Aug 10, 2011 - REPLACE GENIUS 4.0!
    Replace Genius 4.0 adds batch processing abilities, allowing you to load and process multiple documents in a single go. Also, the command line support has been improved so you can use Replace Genius from scripts. Finally, the include filter now allows you to limit processed lines based on line number.

  July 25, 2011 - SNAP2HTML 1.0!
    I've been fiddling with a new programming language (C#) and environment (.Net) lately, and I thought it would be a good excercise to try and something "real". I decided on a little utility that I have been thinking of putting together for a while: Snap2HTML lets you create folder structure listings and save as an interactive HTML file with fancy features.

  July 22, 2011 - REPLACE GENIUS 3.0!
    I have added support for processing Word and Excel files in Replace Genius!

  July 17, 2011 - DUPLI FIND 6.11
    I discovered and fixed a tiny bug in Dupli Find today, that would prevent it from opening MS Office files if the file extension was not in lower case.

  June 24, 2011 - REPLACE GENIUS 2.0!
    Big news today! Replace Genius is a brand new program making its debut today. Any of you familiar with Flash Renamer will instantly recognize how it works, but instead of filenames it loads text files that you process each line in. I hope many of you will find this useful! (Since the code is based on Flash Renamer and it is fully loaded with functionality right from the start, I have decided to bump the version to 2.0 even though this is the first public release.)

  June 8, 2011 - OFFICE WIZ 2.0 & NOTEPAD2 BE R4
    Office Image Extraction Wizard 2.0 now features a batch mode! Notepad2 Bookmark Edition R4 contains some minor fixes.

  May 25, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.54
    Flash Renamer can now add (and remove) itself to the SendTo menu in Windows Explorer!

  May 21, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.53
    TagLib was causing problems for a few people when reading mp3s, so until fixed the old internal routines will be used.

    It's been a productive day today, so here's new versions for two more programs!

  May 17, 2011 - DUPLI FIND 6.1
    A small update for Dupli Find that will fix a few things.

  May 04, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.52
    I found another couple of bugs in 6.5 that I fixed.

  April 12, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.51
    A few bugs had snuck in to v6.5 that I have fixed today.

  March 23, 2011 - FLASH RENAMER 6.5
    Finally, after nearly a year in devlopment, Flash Renamer 6.5 is here! I have added loads of new features and tags, and both the image and tagging libraries have been exchanged for better ones. Also, I added two brand new functions by request from users: one called CSV list rename and one simply called Move. Enjoy!

    Yesterday my first extension for FireFox was approved by Mozilla. I made TitleQ because I wanted to speed up my morning ritual of skimming through the latest news and blogs. You can download it from their AddOns website or get the GreaseMonkey script here.

    I had a little spare time so I made a completely new program. Based on PDF Wiz, Office Wiz give you the ability to easily export images from various documents and save them as separate images files. As this is the first release, it only contains the most basic functions, but I plan add more in the future. This first release is freeware!

  Oct 30, 2010 - BEEP.EXE 2.0
    Beep is my smallest program, yet it can be quite useful in the right situation. Today I made an pretty big update to it, adding the ability to create your own sounds with it!

  Oct 20, 2010 - DUPLI FIND 6.0
    This version adds several advanced processing filters and a fresh new coloring scheme that makes it easier to distiguish the different duplicate groups, amongst other things.

    Small update to PDF Wiz, slightly improving the error handling.

  Sep 25, 2010 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 4.01
    The version of Exif Tag Remover I made last week contained a bug when overwriting the original files. It would not set the files dates on these files, and the amount of saved space reported was also wrong. This has been fixed now!

    Double release today! I have updated both Exif Remover and PDF Wiz with loads of new features and fixes for both of these useful applications!

  Sep 02, 2010 - DINNER WIZ 2.11!
    A last minute change in Dinner Wiz 2.1 that I released last week caused it to crash when freshly installed (ie not updated). I failed to notice this, but thanks to a helpful user who pointed this out I have not located and fixed this slightly embarrasing problem!

    A tiny update today, with some minor fixes for my version of Notepad2. Both exe and source have been updated.

  Aug 26, 2010 - HOT SPOT STUDIO 2.1!
    This release adds the much requested feature to save in various image formats, such as JPEG, PNG and TIFF! In addition to this I also made several usability enhancements. Have fun!

  Aug 20, 2010 - DINNERWIZ 2.1!
    I made a small update to my freeware program DinnerWiz, adding a "hold" function and making it portable if you place the settings file in the program folder.

  Aug 17, 2010 - NSF TOOL 2.0!
    Many years ago, I made a small program that I called NSF Tool. It is a simple utility for managing your "NES Sound Format" collection. I released it on my personal homepage, which I have since closed. Lately I have been working on updating this program and today I decided that it was time to release this update!

  April 8, 2010 - HOT SPOT STUDIO 2.0!
    Surprise! Yet another brand new program for you all! Hot Spot Studio is a program I whipped together a couple of years ago, but never got around to release. I finally set off some time and made it into a "real" program. It's mostly a fun toy to play around with, but it is surprisingly addictive and I'm sure you will find yourself hooked on creating abstract masterpieces! :-)

  March 23, 2010 - PDF IMAGE WIZ 4.0!
    It's time for an update to PDF Wiz. This time I have added batch functionality so you can extract image from many PDFs in a single go! I have also split the program into two versions; Basic and Pro. For differences see here. Already registered users are automatically upgraded to the Pro version!

    Today I am proud to release a brand new program here on RL Vision. But you might have heard of it before. It's the superb open source text editor Notepad2 by Florian Balmer, which I have taken and added some useful features to. The result is Bookmark Edition!

  February 22, 2010 - BEEP.EXE
    Some years ago I made a very simple program that simply makes a notification sound through the PC speaker. I use it to tell when my PC has booted and is ready to use. I figured that someone else might find it useful too, so I made it available here on my site today!

  February 20, 2010 - FLASH RENAMER 6.41!
    Since the release of Flash Renamer 6.4 a week ago I discovered a few minor issues that I fixed with this release.

  February 14, 2010 - FLASH RENAMER 6.4!
    Lately I have worked very hard on Flash Renamer to implement to very exciting new features that make it even more powerful! I feel very satisfied with this version. It is also a preparation for a future application that I will begin working on now!

    It has come to my attention that Windows 7 can cause problems for some applications, including mine. I wrote a page about it and how to fix the problem. Read it here!

  November 23, 2009 - DINNERWIZ 2.0!
    A big day today, as I release a brand new program! Actually, it's been sitting on my computer for quite a while, but now I finally have updated it and given it a proper release. DinnerWiz is an inspirational utility that tries to solve one of the most common problems for todays households: What's for Dinner? Give it a try - it's free!

  November 17, 2009 - PDF WIZ 3.5!
    I have updated PDF Image Extraction Wizard with some new features. Nothing major, but surely some very nice enhancements!

  November 14, 2009 - FLASH RENAMER 6.31!
    The latest version of Flash Renamer that I released last weekend contained some new bugs that I did not notice. Thanks to those who notified me of this so I could fix them!

  November 8, 2009 - FLASH RENAMER 6.3!
    Today I bring you a new version of Flash Renamer. It contains a lot of smaller fixes and tweaks that I have discovered since the last version, as well as several new features that I hope you will like!

  July 10, 2009 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 3.0!
    This new version supports many new tags and image formats!

  May 22, 2009 - DUPLI FIND 5.0!
    Lately I have been working hard on making Dupli Find an easier and more intuitive program to use. It started out as a simply utility with no particular design in mind. Later I added lots of new features, but the design did not change much. Although the new version still looks pretty much the same, I feel that it is much better and more thought out in it's design. In the process I have also fixed a number of bugs, increased compatability and added quite a lot of new features. I'm very satisfied with Dupli Find 5.0. I hope you like it too!

  March 7, 2009 - RSS FEED ADDED
    Today I added an RSS feed to make it easier to follow updates on this site!

    Today, exactly ten years ago, the first version of Flash Renamer was released. To celebrate, I am giving away the full version to everyone for a week! Go here to download your free copy!

  February 20, 2009 - FLASH RENAMER 6.2!
    A new version of Flash Renamer today. This one adds support for Ogg Vorbis and Flac tags, and some other nice features too. I have also managed to fix some compatability issues that have haunted me for a while!

  September 9, 2008 - PDF WIZ 3.1!
    I did a small update to PDF Wiz today, adding drag & drop support to the input page in the wizard!

  July 21, 2008 - FLASH RENAMER 6.1!
    This new version only adds a few new features, but it contains a large amount of smaller fixes & tweaks under the hood. This is basically what 6.0 should have been like!

  May 16, 2008 - FLASH RENAMER 6.04!
    A small but important bugfix for Flash Renamer today!

  May 07, 2008 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 2.0 + FLASH RENAMER 6.03!
    Today I released a new version of my freeware utility Exif Tag Remover. This is a major update with suppot for lots of more tags and image formats! Also, I have updated Flash Renamer and fixed some bugs, mainly concerning presets. If you use presets a lot you should update!

  March 23, 2008 - WEBSITE UPDATE + FLASH RENAMER 6.01!
    I updated the website a bit, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Also, I made a small update to Flash Renamer, fixing some minor things I discovered since the last release.

  February 20, 2008 - FLASH RENAMER 6.0!
    I've been working hard lately to finish this new version of Flash Renamer. I'm really satisfied with the outcome. Not only does it contain a bunch of new functions, such as mp3 tagging and scripting, but also the interface has gotten a big rework to make it faster and easier to use!

  December 16, 2007 - PDF WIZ 3.0!
    I have updated Pdf Wiz to version 3, adding a new page with image rotation & flipping, and also size limits!

  October 13, 2007 - EXIF TAG REMOVER 1.0!
    Wow! A completely new program! Check it out and tell me what you think :-)

  August 5, 2007 - PDF WIZ 2.0!
    Now you can choose in what image formats you want to save your images!

  July 15, 2007 - FLASH RENAMER 5.3!
    This update contains a lot of smaller fixes and improvements, but it's nevertheless a great update! The new stuff will also allow me to add many new cool functions in the future!

  June 7, 2007 - PDF WIZ 1.2!
    A small update today. Added option to not delete duplicate images extract, at the request of a user.

  May 19, 2007 - FLASH RENAMER 5.2!
    It took a while, but finally it's here! The new version has a convenient right click context menu that allows you to rename files directly from Windows Explorer! I have also tweaked the interface, which both looks better and works better!

  February 24, 2007 - PDF IMAGE EXTRACTION WIZARD 1.1!
    I decided to give this neat little utility an update. This should fix a lot of problems people have been having, and also add a few useful features.

  December 23, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.11!
    The last version of Flash Renamer has some small bugs that I fixed today...

  December 17, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.1!
    How about regular expression and unlimited undo? This and more if you download the latest version of Flash Renamer!

  November 4, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.06!
    Another small update, adding the ability to load a file list through command line!

  September 19, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.05!
    A small update. Added "running counter" and fixed a couple of small bugs.

  June 29, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.03!
    Just a quick bugfix...

  June 03, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.02 AND DUPLI FIND 4.1!
    Two updates today! I fixed a few bugs in Flash Renamer and added XP Theming to Dupli Find.

    I would like to dedicate these releases to my grandfather who passed away today. I will always remember you. Rest in peace.

  May 20, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.01!
    Oops! The 5.0 version of Flash Renamer contained a bug that occurred when entering registration code. Sorry about this. The problem has been fixed. Everyone is encouraged to update to v5.01!

  May 14, 2006 - FLASH RENAMER 5.0!
    Finally, the big 5.0 is here! This update is really good, with many new features that should make everybody happy! Plus I added support for XP Themes to make the program look better for those who like it!

  January 14, 2006 - DUPLI FIND 4.0!
    A big release today! This new version adds many requested features, such as Word and Excel support, multi file support and scripting.

  September 01, 2005 - PDF IMAGE EXTRACTION WIZARD 1.0!
    Today we are proud to annouce our new utility, PDF Image Extraction Wizard! The name pretty much tells you what it does, so hurry up and download it :-)

  April 24, 2005 - FLASH RENAMER 4.8!
    This version should make all digital camera owners happy, since it adds support for jpeg image Exif tags! The set date function has also been updated with a unique "source" feature!

  March 15, 2005 - DUPLI FIND 3.0!
    Dupli Find has been upgraded to version 3.0. This new version contains a re-written scan enginine that is extremely fast and contains new filter options!

  January 25, 2005 - FLASH RENAMER 4.7!
    The new version of Flash Renamer is here! This version may not appear to offer much news, but under the hood many things have been enhanced and fixed, making this the best version ever!

  January 02, 2005 - DUPLI FIND 2.52!
    Dupli Find 2.52 is out and contains a few bugfixes!

  July 26, 2004 - DUPLI FIND 2.5!
    Dupli Find has been updated to version 2.5. This version adds some neat features and fixes a few bugs!

    Today we are proud to present, in cooperation with ArcadeLab.com, our new game: Pirates of Treasure Island! We've worked hard on making this game, that is a unique combination of puzzle and adventure, with beautiful graphics and catchy pirate music. We hope you like it as much as we do!

  March 25, 2004 - MORE AWARDS!
    Added 3 more top ratings to the Flash Renamer awards page!

  March 6, 2004 - FLASH RENAMER 5 YEARS OLD!
    Today Flash Renamer celebrates it's 5th birthday! Exactly 5 years ago version 1.0 was released to the public. Since then it has gone from a simple freeware utility to an incredibly powerful and versatile application! And the journey continues...

    Flash Renamer 4.62 is out! This is only a small update that mainly contains bugfixes, plus a few new treats!

  August 13, 2003 - NEW VERSIONS AVAILABLE
    Both Flash Renamer and Dupli Find have been updated today!

  May 5, 2003 - NEW UTILITY RELESED!
    Today we are proud to announce that our new text utility Dupli Find has been released! Dupli Find is not something eveyone must have, but if you do, it's worth a lot!

  April 26, 2003 - NEW GAME RELEASED!
    One of the founders behind RL Vision has started a new site called ArcadeLab.com. There he will release quality arcade style games with a retro feeling. The first game is called Superstar Chefs! For more info, screenshots and downloads, please visit ArcadeLab.com!

  February 12, 2003 - NEW AWARDS!
    I'm proud to add a few new awards to the Flash Renamer homepage!

  January 27, 2003 - FLASH RENAMER 4.5 OUT!
    It's time for another Flash Renamer update! This version adds new features that will help speed up the way you work with the program, as well as other additions and bug fixes!

  December 18, 2002 - EDITOR'S PICK
    Flash Renamer keeps on getting positive reviews from around the net! The latest is the two shareware sites webattack.com and softlandmark.com who have both given Flash Renamer their Editor's Pick award!

  December 4, 2002 - ARTGEM DISCONTINUED :-(
    Due to the minimal number of registrations we have decided to remove the possiblility to download and register ArtGem. More info will come soon...

  October 7, 2002 - Flash Renamer 4.11 RELEASED.
    This small update fixes a crash bug when using the treview...

  September 21, 2002 - Flash Renamer 4.1 RELEASED!
    This update adds thumbnail view and many interface enhancements! It also fixes a lot of bugs that appeared in the last version.

  July 25, 2002 - FLASH RENAMER 4.0 RELEASED!
    The new version of Flash Renamer adds many new features and comes with an fresh new interface!

  June 25, 2002 - ARTGEM 1.3 RELEASED!
    You heard right: The new ArtGem is out! This is an important update with lots of bugfixes and some neat new features! Grab it while it's hot!

    We are glad to announce that a new version of ArtGem is on it's way! New features will include an improved text input window, a "Powerbar", more file formats & processors, plus bugfixes for NT/2000/XP machines. Expect a release within a couple of months!

  Jan 8, 2002 - MARBLES DELUXE SOLD!
    Marbles Deluxe has been acquired by Retro64 and will no longer be available on our site. Please visit Retro64 for downloads and purchase information. We, RL Vision, will continue to develop new games and software, and this deal means that we can spend even more time doing so!

    Good news for all Flash Renamer fans: Version 4 is on it's way! The update will have many new and exciting features. Expected release date is a couple of months from now.

    Marbles Deluxe was recently reviewed by the Tucows staff, awarding it 5 / 5 cows!

  Nov 25, 2001 - MARBLES DELUXE OUT!
    We are proud to announce the release of our new game: Marbles Deluxe! We also updated our company profile to give a better understanding of the people behind RL Vision.

    Wacom, the worlds largest manufacturer of graphics tables, recommends ArtGem on their shareware pages: Link

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