Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

Notepad2 is a light-weight, free and open source Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting.

Notepad2 is probably the best Notepad replacement you can find. Ever since I discovered this great program it's been an essential part of my every-day computer toolkit, and it has greatly speeded up my workflow. But I felt that it lacked a few features, in particular a bookmark feature. Since it is open source I decided to make my own version of the program.

Don't forget to visit Flo's Freeware, the original author of Notepad2!

screenshot highlighting
bookmark edition changes

Bookmark Edition Changes

  • Bookmark lines with Ctrl+F2 and jump between bookmarks with F2
  • Added wildcard search to Find/Replace dialogs
  • Added help buttons [?] to the Find/Replace dialogs with quick syntax references
  • Assigned F12 hotkey for 'Save as'
  • Number of selected lines is displayed in the statusbar
  • Tweaked 'Convert to Title Case' (based on my experience with Flash Renamer)
  • Find/Replace dialog will automatically be filled with clipboard content first time used
  • See readme for a more detailed look at the changes

Usage Tips

I use Notepad2 both as both a quick file viewer and a powerful text editor. I would like to share with you how my setup of Notepad2 is different from the default. There are two settings that are essential to my setup:
  1. The settings are not saved on exit.
  2. The Escape key is configured to quit the program.
This setup makes it ideal for quickly viewing text files, in a similar fashion as image viewers work. Files are already loaded very quickly, and closing with the Escape key makes the workflow even faster. Since the settings are not saved at exit, I can mess around with the Notepad2 window and all settings without fear, since the next time I start it, the optimal settings I have previously configure are loaded again and the window will open at my prefferred position.

To completely replace the original Windows Notepad with Notepad2 is not as easy as it might sound, but here is a good guide on how to do it!

Source Code

Click here to download the source code for Notepad2 Bookmark Edition. It should include everything you need to get it to compile. Read BookmarkEdition.txt for more info about the source code.

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