Hello and welcome to my homepage. My names is Dan. I am a programmer and general computer specialist. For more information about me you can view the profile page on my technology blog.

RL Vision is the place where I publish the software I have created throughout the years. This is not my daytime job. What you see here is the result of my spare time creativity. I have chosen to make some of the more advanced programs shareware, since it helps to motivate me spending so much time developing them.


RL Vision LogotypeRL Vision was not always a one man show. In the beginning there were four of us. We were born out of the old Amiga and C64 scene and met each other in the early nineties. Since then we have been programming, creating graphics and composing music together. Our joint ventures had many names, including Reverse Logic. In 1998 we decided to start a company together, and we named it RL Vision. The group and later company was our platform to develop and release products, a platform to let our personal creativity flow.

We had many things going on, but never really got rolling. Our biggest project, the Deluxe Paint inspired image editor ArtGem, did not perform as well as we had hoped. Gradually the company disintegrated and the members went on to work separately. Since I had published several of my applications on RL Vision, the site more or less turned into my personal brand and hompage as the others did not share interest in the site.

One member began developing games using the brand names Arcade Lab and Mac Joy, and later the quite sucessful Donut Games. Thanks to his success we have had the privileges to work together again on many projects!

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