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Flash Renamer
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Pdf Image Extraction Wizard
$14.95 (Basic)   $24.95 (Pro) *
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Exif Tag Remover
Click to register Pdf Image Extraction Wizard
Dupli Find
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* PDF Wiz is available in two versions. Click here to learn about about the differences.


Secure online ordering is handled by BMT Micro, a leader in online software sales and my trusted e-commerce partner for many years. The order page automatically adds VAT to the price where required by law. You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Switch/Solo, Mail/Fax, Cash check, Wire transfer & Visa/MC debit cards, For more info about the various payment methods they offer, please look here. I have a money back guarantee policy in case you are unable to use the program as intended for any reason.

When you register a registration key will be presented to you, and also sent to you by email. This should be entered into the program by choosing "Enter Code" or similar in the program. The program will instantly enter registered mode with all functions unlocked!

All my programs include free lifetime upgrades! Simply download the latest version from this website and install to upgrade your version.

Clicking the order button for a product above takes you to the shopping cart. If you want to order more than one product, simply go back to this page and click to order on that product too, and both of them will be added to the shopping cart!


Volume discounts are available and automatically applied to your order. It does not have to be the same product, so you can e.g. order 1 Flash Renamer and 1 Dupli Find and get a 20% discount!

* You specify the number of licenses wanted at the order form. To order more than one kind of product, click the order button of the first product, then go back to this page and click to order the second product too.

# LicensesDiscount
2 - 420%
5 - 925%
10 - 2430%
25 - 4935%
50 - 9940%
100 - 19945%

How many licenses do you need?

My views on licensing are very simple: One license is valid for either one computer used by many persons, or, many computers used by one person.


I support charity and other non profit organizations. Contact me and tell me about your organization and I'll give you a free license to use a program!


I like the idea of trading. If you are a shareware author, drop me a line for a friendly exchange! Freeware and open source developers do a great job, so you are welcome as well.

And other as well. I'm open to all kinds of suggestions! Perhaps you can help me advertise my programs by writing an honest review and posting it on a popular blog or forum.

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