Snap2IMG generates contact sheets (also known as thumbnail sheets or image index) for folders on your hard drive. The result is a larger image containing thumnails showing all the images in the folder. It can process a single folder or a complete folder structure, automatically generating a sheet for each subfolder. A large number of options allows you to style the sheets to your own liking.

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  • Process a single folder or all subfolders
  • Filenames automatically reflect the source folder
  • Handy preview feature for testing various settings
  • Change thumbnail size and aspect ratio
  • Show header, footer and filenames, with individual font settings
  • Texts can be customized using <tags>
  • Set background color or use a texture image
  • Styling effects include drop shadow, grayscale and borders
  • Change page margins and thumbnail spacing
  • Split large directories into many thumbnail sheets
  • Multithreaded render engine
  • Portable
  • Freeware

Some Examples

Why use Contact Sheets?

Viewing a collection of pictures as thumbnails is nothing new and has its obvious advantages. Snap2IMG enhances this by saving the thumbnail views as individual images. Here are some scenarios where this can be useful:
  • Index image folders that you don't have readily accessible, for example external harddrives and CD's.
  • Upload to forums to preview linked attachments.
  • Keep as a memory of image libraries you don't need or want anymore, before you delete it.
  • Easily share thumbnails with friends
  • Upload contact sheets to your homepage
  • Create a showcase image for all icons in an icon pack
Even if you have all the images available on your computer, it can still be more convenient to use contact sheets instead of browsing the folders "for real":
  • Each folder is "compressed" into a single file. Since folders with many files can take a lot of time just to list, working with contact sheets can be much quicker.
  • Easy to navigate: Use the next/previous shortcut keys in the image viewer to "change" folder (Typically the PageUp/PageDown keys).
  • Configure your contact sheets to show just the information you are interested in.

Download Snap2IMG for free

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