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Subject: Re: Flash Rennamer

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 18:45:29 +0100


Flash Renamer changes filenames. It can not convert between different file formats. So if you want to rename your photos, from for example PIC001.jpg to My Holiday 01.jpg, then Flash Renamer is a perfect choice. But to change the file format you need another program.

As a side not I do not see the need to convert from jpg to tiff. Jpg is already a compressed format, so you will end up with files taking a lot more space. You also risk loosing quality in the long run (too difficult to explain further here). My advice is to keep the images in jpg format "forever", and only change the format if you edit the images. In the latter case you should however not save them as jpg again! Think like this: jpg = archive format, tif, bmp, etc = work formats.

// Dan

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From: Pat
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Subject: Flash Rennamer

I have a couple of thousand digi-pics saved in .jpg format. I want to convert these to .tif format and save them on a new 300 GB, USB2 external drive.

Can I do this with 'Flash Renamer'?

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