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Subject: Re: Question about Flash renamer.

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 08:34:41 +0200


Flash Renamer is for files only. So if your names are in fact filenames this is really simply to do by using the "Replace" function. But if your names are stored inside a database, then I'm afraid my program can't help you. (At least not today. In the future I'm planning to implement such features too.)

// Dan

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Subject: Question about Flash Renamer.


I found your Flash Renamer software and I believe that it perhaps has the potential to do what I need.
I have a data base that has a list of names that I need to take all spaces out of the names due to a switch in software.

The are all names... Example

, John C
Jones, Don Able MD
Albert, Betty RN

and so forth. I have appox 2000 data files that need renaming to


The new software will not let me edit the date in the file without taking out all the spaces. The only other option is to rebuild each file one by one... a monumental task. Can your software help me with this?

Thanks for your reply
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