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Subject: Re: Help

Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 18:59:12 +0100


First of all let me apologize for taking for long to answer. For some reason my mail program flagged your mail as spam. I found it while manually sorting though the spam (~1000 the last month...).

After you have loaded a file and scanned it for duplicates, you will get the result in the lower list-box. (The upper one contains the original file.) The list shows duplicates like this:

[ ] line #, dup1
[ ] line #, dup1
[ ] line #, dup 2
[ ] line #, dup 2
[ ] line #, dup 2

...and so on. To the left is a checkbox. If you mark this checkbox, then that line will be deleted when saving the file.

You should see a button called "Select". This button if probably what you are looking for. It contains many options that will automatically mark the checkboxes. For example it can mark all duplicates except for the first one, like this:

[ ] line #, dup1
[x] line #, dup1
[ ] line #, dup 2
[x] line #, dup 2
[x] line #, dup 2

If you were to save the above file then you would end up with only unique lines!

I hope this helps!

// Dan

Patrice wrote:
> I've purchased your product and I'm afraid it is not what I had hoped for.
> Is there a way to print a report or list of the duplicates found, or
> to sort them?
> I am a paralegal and need to be able to see quickly any duplicates
> found without having to go through each line.
> Can you help me? Maybe with some script suggestions or how i can cut
> and paste, otherwise I must request a refund.
> I hope you can help me because I really need this to work.
> Sincerely,
> Patrice

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