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Subject: Re: suggestion for flash rename..

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 10:17:30 +0100

Well, the easiest way is probably to use wildcards in the "replace" function:

Find: "*_fm" or "_fm*"

Replace: "_fm"

Other ways would be to use "parts" or to "regular expressions". Both these are more powerful, but also harder to learn. The manual will tell you how to use them.

// Dan

Marian wrote:
> Hello,
> Love the new look. For some time I've been needing a way to rename a certain way and thought I'd ask if there is any possible way to add a feature like I've outlined below.
> Is there a way to remove an area in a filename before or after a certain phrase.
> so lets say I have a filename like:
> file001_fm-000000.jpg
> I want to remove everything before the _fm, is this possible ?
> making it _fm-000000.jpg
> or everything after the _fm is this possible?
> making it file001_fm.jpg
> I would greatly appreciate a feature something like this.
> Thank you,
> Marian

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