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Subject: Re: question about saving custom files

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:38:27 +0100


Sorry for taking so long to answer.

Yes, you can save it and move to another computer! The settings are saved in a folder similar to this:

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RL Vision\Flash Renamer"

The exact location varies depending on the system. There you will find the file "replace.dat" which contains the batch replace list!

// Dan

Lord wrote:
> Have tested your software. I'm very interested in this highly functional
> piece of ware. Just got one question. Is it possible to save the
> customizations made to the "batch replace list"? Just tested it out and
> made some 100+ custom additions and got the program doing just about
> exactly what i want it to do with a single click (I just love that
> single click thing ;). It isn't however a nice thougt having to do it
> all over when I change 'puter (got a few that I'm working on).
> yours
> //chefren
> Den perfekta mixen av nöjesnyheter & livekonserter! MSN Video

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