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Subject: Re: flash renamer feature request

Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 19:03:23 +0200


This is almost already possible: Tick the "thumbnails" at the top to view the images as thumbnails, select the first file and press F2 to start manual rename. When ready, press enter to jump to the next file! It does not keep the previous pattern like you suggested, but perhaps I can add this into future versions!

// Dan

Andrew wrote:
> Hello
> Just wanted to email you with a feature request for your excellent product.
> Over the years I have needed a utility to allow me to rename many (i.e. hundreds at a time) digital camera images, by looking at their thumbnails and renaming each one based on their content. Unfortunately there is no pattern to the renaming (so I cannot use the many renaming features in Flash Renamer) as each image requires a different filename.
> I wondered whether such a feature could be incorporated into a future version of FR. You have "General", "mp3", "numbers", "advanced" and "presets" tabs; perhaps there could be a new one for "images"?
> I wrote a utility to do this myself, and it works quite well, but would much prefer to have the same functionality embedded into FR for convenience. I am aware that FR can do a lot of generic file renaming (such as 10 images with default names of img00001 - img00010 - I can rename them by replacing 'img' with e.g. 'park', remove the trailing 5 characters, then add a numerical sequential suffix to each giving e.g. park01, park02, etc.), but I often have a huge number of holiday photos all of which require separate unique names with no pattern.
> I envisaged functionality as follows: you select a number of image files, click a "Go" button and a popup window displays a thumbnail of one image at a time. A textbox below the image allows the new filename to be entered. Pressing enter then renames that file and moves focus to the next image in the list, with the previous image's new filename already provided as a default (allowing the odd occasional sequential park1.jpg, park2.jpg to be quickly renamed).
> I would be interested in your comments.
> Thank you for your time.
> Andrew
> *****@*****

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