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Subject: Re: Question about Flash Renamer

Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 19:53:13 +0200


Flash Renamer is semi-portable at the moment. My goal is to create a portable version. I have started it, but it has been delayed. Currently you can do this (from an unfinished part of the manual):

Portable directives:

PORTABLE - This enables all portable features.

DONT_SAVE_SETTINGS - If you do not want settings to be save, enable this. Works independent of the above directive.

To enabled a directive, simply create an empty file in the Flash Renamer application folder and name it like the directive.

The portable version will save its settings in the program folder instead of in a system folder.

The problem is that Flash Renamer requires a few extra runtime files, and if these are not available on the host computer it will not start. I'm working on a solution for this, and I will offer it as a separate "portable" download.

// Dan

Kolja wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> I've just taken a look at Flash Renamer, and it looks quite useful to me. But before I think about registering, I need to know if Flash Renamer is portable (i.e. USB-Stick compatible) or if you have any plans to offer a portable version sometime.
> Yours,
> K.

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