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Subject: Re: PDF Image Extractor

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 17:55:58 +0200

Drag & drop is coming!

And I will have a look at the wizard being so abrupt. Your thoughts makes sense. Perhaps I will insert an extra page before the start of the extraction.

// Dan

Markus wrote:
> On 6/11/2009 10:19 AM, Dan / RL wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Glad to hear that you like my program. I tried to make it as easy as possible to use. If you have any suggestions on how to make the interface better let me know!
> Okay, here goes ;-)
> -
> When I want to extract images from a PDF, I either have the PDF placed on my desktop or, otherwise, an explorer window open on the folder containing the PDF. Reason is, before extracting, I have to check what I'm going to extract, and the straightforward way to do that is to just browse to the PDF and double-click.
> So it would be quite convenient if you could just drag & drop the PDF into the image extractor instead of having to click on browse and navigate to the very same folder and scroll through a list of files until you spot the PDF you want.
> -
> The final stage of the wizard is also a bit unusual. Most wizards change the 'Next' button to say 'Install' (or in your case 'Extract') on the page just before the action happens. Yours just says 'Next' and catches the user a bit off-guard. Also, the 'Finish' button takes the place of the 'Cancel' button. Just details, but you see wizards so often these days that you just notice when one does something different :)
> -
> Personally, I would have designed the thing as a single-dialog application. On top a list of PDFs to extract with columns for 'Input File', 'Output Folder' and 'Naming Scheme' that are reflected by three text boxes below the list, an options group and an 'Extract' button. So one could just start the app, drag one or more PDFs onto it, hit 'Extract' and be done. Maybe an 'Extract & Zip' button and command-line usage that allows to just drag a PDF onto the program's icon to spice things up.
> -
> Anyway, that's just my view of things - everyone works differently, I guess. I'm happy that I found a tool that does exactly what I need and I'm not mass-extracting PDFs either, so I don't mind going through the wizard once per PDF.
>> // Dan
> -Markus-

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