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Subject: Re: Help

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 16:51:21 +0100


Images contain an "Exif" tag that, among other things, has a time stamp. In Flash Renamer you can access this by using the and tags. For example, use the add function and in the text box type "_" and your images will be renamed for example from "IMG0001.jpg" to "2009-01-01_IMG0001.jpg". Renaming the files this way will also make the sort correctly in all circumstances, including Windows Explorer.

Hope this helps!

// Dan

PS: in the settings you can enable the "date taken" column that shows the exif date directly in the file browser.

Tom wrote:
> RL Vision
> Can you tell me if Flash Renamer can sort files by date and time shot and set them up so windows recognizes the order. I take wedding photos with two cameras and I would like to dump all photo in a folder and sort by the time stamp from the cameras.
> Tom

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