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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 11:21:52 +0100


The solution to your first problem is either to 1) enable more columns in the settings and click on the column headers to sort by that item, or 2) use the pattern box and for example enter *.avi instead of *.*

As for the second problem, comma would not work since it is a valid filename character. Perhaps I can add another separator though. Tip: It is possible to edit the exception list manual by opening the file "exceptions.txt" in the settings folder.

// Dan

Jsin wrote:
> Dan,
> I ran into a little problem that I think might be a nice addition to the program. I am attaching a couple of
> pictures I took to show the problem I ran in to.
> Can't wait for the updated release.
> Jason
> On 12/6/2009 8:15 PM, Jsin wrote:
>> Awesome! Once it comes out I'll upgrade and let you know and give you some feedback if you
>> don't mind.
>> Thanks again for a great program.
>> Dan (RL Vision) wrote:
>>> I have added a new checkbox in the settings windows under "privacy settings" which I hope does what you wanted! It will be present in the next version which I hope to have out in a few weeks.
>>> // Dan
>>> Jsin wrote:
>>>> Dan,
>>>> Thought you would like to know, I just purchased Flash Renamer. I hope you consider my
>>>> suggestions.
>>>> Great program, and thank you.
>>>> Jason
>>>> Jsin wrote:
>>>>> Dan,
>>>>> That's awesome! Thank you. I look forward to seeing if you incorporate my suggestions and will
>>>>> purchase the program soon.
>>>>> Thank you.
>>>>> Dan (RL Vision) wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Jason,
>>>>>> Your license key will be valid for all future version of Flash Renamer! (The same goes for all my programs.)
>>>>>> // Dan
>>>>>> Jsin wrote:
>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>> I sent an email previously regarding Flash Renamer edits being deleted
>>>>>>> after the program was closed, but I also have a question regarding a license.
>>>>>>> If I do choose to buy Flash Renamer how long will the license key last? I guess
>>>>>>> what I want to know is if I buy version 6.31 will the license be valid for 6.32 or
>>>>>>> for 7.0 or will it always work no matter the version like some of the other software
>>>>>>> I have purchased?
>>>>>>> I hope to hear form you soon regarding the settings and license key, since it is the
>>>>>>> only thing keeping me from purchasing the program.
>>>>>>> Thank you again,
>>>>>>> Jason

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