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Subject: Re: FlashRenamer feature request ? (free select)

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 15:57:33 +0100

The "free select" is capable of all functions as the "browser". The difference is that the browser is a mirror of your hard drive structure, while the free select allows you to select items from different places if you want to, for example two different drives.

Both files and folder are supported. But if you drop a folder, then the folder (not the content of the folder) is added. This is something I want to make better eventually.

I use the "folder browser" in the browser since you select a root folder to browse from. I use a "file selector" in the free select since you are adding files, not selecting a folder.

Hope this explains your questions.

// Dan

wulffra wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> in an attempt to work around the problem that renaming will not work (maybe too many files, see earlier mails
> and also my browser issue) I am exploring other parts of FR that I usually donot use.
> So, pls forgive me when I talk nonsense ..
> a) Drag+Drop folders into the "Free Select"-panel
> I went to the "Free Select"-panel
> there I drag dropped folders into (not files)
> likely, it shd merely be used for files...
> okay, then dropping folders there, does not make sense.
> but then again, why not folders as well ?
> => RMB add folders to "Free Select"?
> Filemanager (F12)
> by the way, i noticed that when clicking on the green + button (F12) the filemanager is English
> so in this case FR seems to be calling in a different one than the one when clicking on the 'Browse to a new folder'(F12) in
> the Browser panel...?
> Maybe the filemanger from Free Select gives you more flexibility and it can be called in from the browser panel as well ?
> Just a suggestion, I donot know, maybe too complex. only you can judge..
> A further thought...
> Back to 'Free Select'
> Assuming that what I suggested, i.e. to have the same features / possibilities under 'Free Select' as under 'Browser'
> (i.e. tag subfolders, files to be displayed, renaming, same as under Browser, bla bla) - assuming that is _NOT_ possible...
> (It would rrreally be great, but .. for sake of argument let's assume it would regretfully not possible...)
> if you drag and drop folders into free "Free Select"-panel, then files are not displayed,
> now what IF you select one ore specific folder(s) in the "Free Select"-panel and thén click on browser and FR remembers the folder(s)
> selected in the "Free Select"-panel and opens them in the Browser-panel, so you can do the renaming there.
> Switch back to the "Free Select"-panel, needcase select other folders - get back to Browser, and so on.
> I am sorry for all the suggestion, mails, problems, bla bla ...
> Sometimes I try to come up with suggestions that might make FR better (although, maybe, technically it would be too complex,
> but then again, this I cannot judge)
> brgds/Marcel.

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