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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer Thumbnails

Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 20:14:37 +0200

Yes, it is possible to change the thumbnail sizes using the tweaks in the advanced settings. However there is a problem with large thumbnails, and that is that they consume memory and the memory for thumbnails is unfortunately very limited. Once again I have to blame my programming languange for this... (If you run out of memory the thumbnails simply stop showing.)

// Dan

Marcel wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> wud it be possible to make thumbnail size resizeable.
> My screencaptures are all in the same folder.
> Later I rename them and dumd them in whatever other subfolder, depending on what the screencapture was about.
> Flashrenamer screencaptures are saved in Flashrenamer subfolder for instance.
> The thumbnails (even set at large) are so small that I cannot figure out what it was about.
> Or a small preview panel?
> brgds/Marcel.
> p.s. this particularly has become an issue as in the past I previewed them in DO (larger size thumbnails, select a couple of
> thumbnails, RMB Flashrenamer… but that option has gone).

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