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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer 6.4.1

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 22:31:01 +0200


Since both "find" and "replace" are the same words, my guess is that you have not enabled "case sensitive".

If this is not the case, take a screenshot and send it to me and i will have a look at it.

// Dan

Sharon wrote:
> Hi....
> I’ve been a registered user of Flash Renamer for several years and it’s probably the most used utility in my system!
> A few days ago I upgraded to Windows 7 and have now encountered a problem never experienced before. In the “Replace/Find” box text is entered, e.g. VISTA. But when I enter text, e.g. Vista in the “...and replace with” box the “Rename” button is now greyed out and I’m unable to rename the text.
> Any thoughts? It’s driving me nuts!
> Thanks.

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