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Subject: Re: FR How to

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 19:52:55 +0200

Marcel wrote:
> Have you ever looked at PFrankSetupVista2.32.exe ??
> I got a bit desparate as you know, so I went to check out all kind of Flash Renamerrs, all pretty much 'bs' (excuse my language) and quite
> limited in possibilities. At least, the ones I checked out. No doubt you have done some comparisons as well, as developer.

Yes, I've looked at many other renamers. Not this particular, but I had a look at the screenshots and it seemed quite "messy".

Some are very good, but most are not in my opinion. But in the end it's amatter of taste, and I'm probably not very objective when I try them out :-)

> The above Flash Renamerr seems to have a lot of potential, though it is far from intuitive and it leaves me wondering how it works.
That's the problem with many renamers. It seems to be a favourite application to make for beginner programmers. Me too, 10 years ago :-) The problem is that programmers are usually quite technical, but not very good at design. UI design is hard. I'm not very good at it myself, but I've works very hard to make FR easy and intuitive to use. I think (hope) that's what separates FR from most other renamers.

> What strikes me that Flash Renamer is hardly be mentioned or tested.
> Just try a google search on 'best Flash Renamer utility 2010' or something like that.
> Maybe you wish to have your program tested by sites like cnet, pcworld or zdnet. It really does deserve to be ranked under the best.
FR is already listed in most software libraris, but it does not give much in return. And my homepage does not rank high in the search engines. (I'm thinking about making a new homepage, if I have the time.)

The best is word of mouth, people writing about it on blogs etc. But I'm not fortunate enough to have a program that seems to be attractive enough for that :-(

// Dan

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