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Subject: Re: flash renamer question

Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 09:20:53 +0200


There is not something exactly like you are looking for, but perhaps this can be helpful to you:

1. The program does keep a log of all rename operations. You can open the log file by opening the settings window and clicking on the link "show log".

2. If you right click on the file list, you will see some options where you can copy both the filename and preview to the clipboard.

3. If you use the "free format" function to rename the files, you can actually get something very similar to what you want. Say the you rename your files as "". Then set the free format to " = " and copy the preview to the clicpboard!

4. I like your idea, so it's not impossible that I will add it in future versions!

// Dan

Herby wrote:
> Aloha! I was thinking about getting your program, but I had one question. Is there an option that I can set that will make some type of log file that will let write out what origanal file name is and the new file name?
> Like this..
> wcv001 = 001
> wcv002 = 002
> wcv003 = 003
> --
> Herby

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